Easy Ways to renovate your pool:

It’s possible to change the look of your pool area with a few simple upgrades. You can also decide to completely remodel your pool area with several changes including surface upgrades, coping or paving changes, technology upgrades, aesthetic enhancements or shape and size changes. Whatever your reason, a pool remodel can make an impressive difference in your outdoor living space.

Surface upgrades:

  1. Marbelite –Has been used as a pool surface for over 40 years and Swemgat has been applying marbelite to many great looking pools in Pretoria. Marbelite is a cement-based integrally coloured marble plaster, specifically formulated for application onto gunite or hand-packed concrete pool shells. Produced from carefully selected raw materials for consistency of product, it only requires the addition of water on site. Marble Provides a 6 to 8 mm thick coloured finishing plaster for swimming pools. Marbelite pool plaster is made to be under water, its not slippery and lasts for 10 to 12 years.A marbelite pool can be re-plasterred within a few days following a few easy but very important steps. Remove any loose plaster and chip at least 80% of the surface using steel chip hammers. Acid wash the surface with hydrochloric acid and 3 parts water. Marbelite can now be applied. Various colours are available such as white, sky blue, deep blue and charcoal or black.
  2. FiberGlass – Fiber glass can either be used as a fiber glass lining on a concrete pool or as a fiber glass shell (or moulded pool shells). Is a lightweight,extremely strong, and robust material. Fiberglass can be easily formed to any pool design. Fiber Glass is the reinforcing material used to build your strength within a laminate or fibre glass part. Swemgat installs 450g/m2 fibre glass onto the pool surface to make the perfect fibre glass lining. A great advantage is that fiberglass moulded pools can usually be installed very quickly – sometimes as fast as a few days. Because they are so smooth, fiberglass are more resistant to algae  formation and maintain more stable ph levels.
  3. Epoxy pool paint – 3 layer Epoxy coat system that gives you a high gloss, chemical resistant surface that’s 100% resistant against algae infestation. This is a easy and cost effective solution to resurface and repair your pool. No more scrubbing and shock treating of the pool. A high performance coating used for swimming pools, it adheres well to concrete and fibre glass surfaces. Epoxy pool paint is a tough, flexible coating that is resistant to the normal abrasion of pool use and maintenance. Self priming, its applied directly onto abrasive blast or mechanically cleaned concrete or fiber glass. It has good flexibility and water resistanc. A very good resurface product for cracked marbelite pools as it has good flexibility.