Does the size of your pool just not fit in with your life style? Look more closely at your swimming pool and you might realize you need to make some changes.  Maybe you’re no longer using your pool. The kids have moved out of the house, and you now own one of the thousands of pools in Pretoria where no one dips even a toe in the water anymore. Maybe your family is expanding and the current pool is just too small to play with.

Then its time you consider the follow options:

Scenario 1:

Problem: The swimming pool is too big.

Solution: Subdivide pool, make it smaller

Concrete pools can be subdivided to give you a more manageable swimming experience. In this scenario the family’s kids in the middle moved out to varsity and now its only mr and mrs.  The middle ones left with a big pool that is to cold and takes up to much time and money to maintain and no one swim.

Alternative options to consider is heating the pool and adding a few spa jets for a more relaxing spa experience. Led lights is highly recommended for those late night swims and maybe add a salt chlorinator for easy maintenance.

If the surrounding finishes is also not on standard any more its a good time to consider doing it at this time. Upgrading the paving and coping can make all the difference you need to compliment the new looking pool.

Maybe you want to get rid of it or change it dramatically. Is that even possible?

Here are other options for dealing with a deteriorating deck or pool:  Perhaps the decking is cracking and peeling, or the interior needs resurfacing. Maybe you want to redo the deck or add a waterfall or fireplace.